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ROI Calculator

Welcome to the ROI Calculator. This for health insurance plans and employers tool uses your data and default information to estimate the return on investment to coverage, promotion, and encouragement of smoking cessation. Depending on the amount of data you provide, results can be calculated in 2–12 minutes.

The ROI Calculator uses information about your population to estimate service delivery costs and future financial savings of the following interventions:
  • A "5A's" program (Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange)
  • A "5A's" program with medication
  • A "5A's" program with telephone counseling
  • A "5A's" program with medication and telephone counseling
The model estimates the number of participants, new quitters, and program costs for a one-year program provided to smokers by the health insurance plan. ROI per participant and per member per month are estimated by comparing annual costs for each intervention with usual care. Productivity savings per participant provide employers, benefit managers, and payors with important insights into the work-place benefits of clinical smoking cessation.

Saving Information
Before you begin, tell us if you want to save and retrieve information for later use. If you want to save your data please enter your email address and then click the “GO” button. The model will automatically load your most recent inputs when you return and enter your email address. You can use the calculator without saving your data by clicking the "Continue without saving" button.

To save multiple model results, copy the data input page and results pages into a spreadsheet file. To copy an input or results page, select the printer-friendly versions of the page, highlight the page, copy, and paste into a spreadsheet.

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